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3 Respons to “English”

  1. Tanpa Nama Says:

    kisah nabi musa semasa kecil

  2. AMRAN Says:

    There are cases where the Rasul did not spell out specific criteria for a certain condition/situation.For example the minimum distance travelled to qualify as a musafir.In this instant,for example would the criteria to be a traveller depends what the uruf of the society regards the condition of a traveller.Or would it depends on the individual judgment and situation i.e. if he travels in a comfortable car, the distance to qualify as a musafir would be much further than if he travels by foot.

    • sulaiman Says:

      The imam of the mazhab did specifies the distance. Must be their ijtihad. We follow quran, hadith, ijma’ (4 mazhab’s imams) and qias.
      It’s not about the vehicles or situation but rather the distance.

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